5-Minute Simple Seated Yoga Routine For Neck Pain

Do this 5-minute seated yoga routine to help ease shoulder and neck pain. Yoga poses to help neck pain.

This yoga routine for neck pain can be done multiple times a day and takes a little as 5-minutes.

Neck pain can be caused by a whole array of things.

For some of us it could be the effect it’s of stress that shows itself as tension in our necks and shoulders, it may be as a result of poor posture from too much sitting and watching screens, maybe you drive a lot or maybe it’s from an injury.

Whatever the reason, the tension in the muscles around your head and shoulders can cause neck pain which can lead to;

  • Headaches
  • Lack of concentration
  • Inability to do your daily tasks
  • Or even stop you from doing the hobbies that you enjoy.

Fortunately, yoga and stretching are a great way to help release some of that tension built up around your neck muscles.

These neck stretches to follow today can be done anywhere. Seated on a chair or on your couch.

So, wherever you are when you have 5 minutes to spare, take a moment and do these simple yoga stretches to help relieve shoulder and neck pain.

5-minute seated Yoga Routine for Neck Pain and shoulder pain

Do this quick and simple yoga routine for neck pain daily to help relieve neck and shoulder pain.

There are only two main poses/ stretches to do but they are super effective when done daily or even multiple times a day.

You can sit on a mat or in your chair. The option is yours.

easy pose

Sitting down in easy pose place your hands on your knees. Imagine there is a piece of string running through your spine and out of your head, pulling your torso up, and back straight. Head facing forwards. Chest open with your shoulder back.

With an inhale lift your head up and look to the sky, as you exhale come back down and tuck your chin into your chest whilst maintaining good posture, chest open.

You may feel a gentle stretch down the back your neck.

Inhale and open up again and look up.

Exhale and take it back down. Do this for 3-5 breaths

On the last breath, let your shoulder round, shoulder blades separate as you round your back, and really pull your chin in as if you were doing a seated cat pose. This will stretch your trapezius muscles across the top of your back which is often the main cause of neck pain

neck stretch

Roll the shoulders back, tilt your head to the left and drop your right shoulder down.

Try to find the tension and gently breath into it.

To intensify the stretch, you can rotate your hand as it stretches the nerves that run up your arm through your shoulders and into your neck.

Tilt you head up, take a moment and repeat on the other side.

Come back to easy pose

How often should you do this 5-minute Yoga Routine for Neck Pain

There you have it, a few simple yet highly effective seated yoga stretches to help release your neck and shoulder tension.

You can do these yoga stretches multiple times a day to overcome your neck pain.

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