Healthy Chocolate Chip Protein Energy Bites Recipe

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The easiest vegan Protein Energy Ball Bites Recipe – Quick & Tasty!

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The Easiest Roasted Cajun Chili Chickpeas Recipe | Spicy Snack

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Embracing Solitude: The Art of Spending Time Alone


For me, spending time alone, and I mean alone, with no phones or screens, is something I am terrible at. Today I want to talk to you about solitude and the power of embracing it. Solitude is a precious treasure that many overlook in our fast-paced and interconnected world. It is not about isolation or … Read more

Laughter Yoga: The Healing Power of Laughter

Laughter Yoga

Welcome to the world of Laughter Yoga, I know it sounds different but trust me it’s a real thing. In this article, we dive into what it is and how you can get started with laughter yoga. It’s a unique practice that combines laughter, breathing exercises, and meditation to promote physical and mental well-being. Laughter … Read more

Creating a Home Sanctuary: Designing for Mental Wellness

Home Sanctuary

Welcome to our guide on creating a home sanctuary, where we will explore how you can design your living space to promote mental wellness and create a peaceful and stress-free environment. Your home should be a tranquil abode, a relaxation retreat, and a cozy haven that allows you to escape the chaos of the outside … Read more

Mindful Technology Use: Striking a Balance in the Digital Age

Mindful Technology Use

In today’s tech-centric world, finding balance in the digital age is crucial. I know that I’ve been guilty of spending too much time on my phone which usually causes me to feel a heightened sense of anxiety. I often think back to the life I had as a child when all we had was a TV … Read more

The Joy of Movement: Finding Exercise You Love

Exercise is often viewed as a chore. I hate a love-hate relationship with it, and I’m a trainer! But it doesn’t have to be. Movement can and should be a source of joy. I strongly belive that there is an exercise routine or type of exercise that anyone can do that brings them joy in … Read more